Reusch ATTRAKT Freegel Gold EV, GK Gloves


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Reusch ATTRAKT Freegel Gold EV, GK Gloves

SKU: MS-5370135


The new Evolution Cut Style from last season comes this year with the flashy electric red design. It is the perfect match for all keepers searching for maximum wearing comfort, stability and grip. The Attrakt Gold Evolution Cut with its high-volume punching zone provides extra cushioning and a soft touch. The German-made Grip Gold latex including the highest percentage of natural latex, boosting the overall grip properties and guarantees professional grip and reliable durability. The new redesigned Freegel silicone application on the backhand with hundreds of separate small rubber elements provides high flexibility and lightness and at the same time the needed support and stability for catching and punching.

Material Composition

34% Polyester, 30% Latex, 26% Rubber, 5% Polyvinyl chloride, 5% Polyurethane


(No reviews yet) Write a Review