León 2022-23 Charly Away Jersey


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León 2022-23 Charly Away Jersey

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May-12th-2012 EXTRA! EXTRA! La Fiera Returns! León scores and returns to the First Division... With a packed Stadium that resounded in ovation; the fans along with the entire city lived moments of celebration and absolute happiness after the final whistle; that announced the long-awaited promotion to the First Division of Club León with a historic victory, making it clear to the Esmeralda fans that May 12th will never be forgotten! A historic event that inspired us to create the new León Away Jersey for Men 2022/23; a t-shirt that captures the transcendent ascent of that day in which La Fiera made history, monopolizing all the front pages of local newspapers as well as at National level. This jersey features a regular fit with a ribbed V-neck, classic cut sleeves, and an asymmetrical slit hem on the sides for greater freedom of movement. Incorporates specialized mesh fabrics on the back and sides to provide better breathability and comfort to your skin. In addition to a series of unique details in its design such as its embossing; Representative element of the team in sunken relief and shield in 3D with Heat Transfer.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review